Set up in France and in United States in March 2019, Cocktail Movies is an independent production company for feature films, television series and documentaries. With a strong background in television and film documentary production, we continue to expand with the production of feature films, TV series and documentaries. Our main strength lies in our ability to produce good quality films with strong international potential and an extensive network between France and the United States.


Qehie Jasari
Producer - Partner
Myriam Marin-Celibert
Production manager
Isabel Marcenaro - Production - Cocktail Movie
Isabel Marcenaro
Producer - Partner
Youri Mohamed
Digital Media
Jean-Michel Muratet
Stephane Garnier Designer - Production - Cocktail Movie
Stephane Garnier
Isabelle Gripon - Production - Cocktail Movie
Isabelle Gripon
Consultant in Production
Alejandro Ollivier
Production Assistant
James Hodge Avocat - Production - Cocktail Movie
James Hodge

Our Business Model

Key partners

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Production of feature films, of series and documentaries

Added value :

OUR value : Ability to make quality films with a controlled budget


Experience of 15 years in the international production and a specialised team.

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