Isabel Marcenaro

Isabel Marcenaro

Producer |

Of Franco-Argentinian origin, Isabel Marcenaro emigrated to Paris at the age of 10. His personal and professional achievements are nourished by these two worlds. An architect by training, she is passionate about the arts and particularly cinema, which leads her to train in writing and directing.

From 2008 she devoted herself exclusively to this creative research activity: questioning the past and the roots in their relationship to the present.

His approach questions a sociological and psychological reflection. Scenarios for short films, texts for documentaries and production of two short feature films and a documentary are to his credit.

Currently she is shooting a new documentary on Susana Rinaldi; and wrote a film adaptation of a theatrical performance: Midnight in Buenos Aires by Gabriel Rolón and Maria Teresa Castillo.

Qéhie Jasari

Producer |

Of Franco-Albanian origin, Qéhie Jasari has accumulated solid experience as a producer for 16 years, having worked successively within the company Cocktail Productions and now Cocktail Movies.

It first stands out in the production of documentaries for television. She produces more than a 20th of films and collaborates in production direction on several feature films.

She collaborates with several directors and notably produces the first documentary film by director Isabel Marcenaro, "From one Shore to the Other" released in 2018.

It was in March 2019 that they founded together, Cocktail Movies and is now developing feature films and television series projects and continues to produce documentaries.

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